Grünwelt Maschinen GmbH is a German company, that specializes in production and selling of small equipment for farming and gardening. A wide range of our product line includes tillers, cultivators, trimmers, generators, outboard motors, petrol and diesel engines. Our machinery is secure, high quality and it proved its efficiency and simplicity managing different everyday tasks.

Our priority is to create a powerful and reliable trade network all over the European Union, and our goal is to meet all the clients' needs. Accordingly, we constantly increase the quality of our production and service, and we offer unique goods for all branches.
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"Für Ihre perfekte Grünwelt" - with the products from Grünwelt Maschinen GmbH your life becomes easier and work more efficient! Our priority is to support high technological and quality standards, that result from respectful attitude towards human labour and work conditions, as well as the environment care and resource saving.
Water pumps
Compact devices
Grünwelt Machinen GmbH presents a wide product line of patrol and diesel generators, with a capacity of 2.5-12 kW recognized as high quality, safe and multifunctional all over the world. They serve for domestic and professional use.
Water pumps, represtented by Grünwelt Machinen GmbH, are used for domestic and professional use, they have long service life, moderate overall dimensions, and they are able to pump from 27 to 120 cubic meter of water per hour according to engine capacity.
Grünwelt Machinen GmbH brings to your attention mini-transporter with a manual control and six-step gearbox. This multi-purpose dumper serves for transportation of various load of different size and shape.
Tillers and motor cultivators from Grünwelt Machinen GmbH are manufactured on the basis of uniaxial chassis, equipped with power take shaft and the gear box has several transmissions back and forward. The construction is designed for comfortable usage, and a wide range of attachments helps to undertake a broad variety of tasks.
Grünwelt Machinen GmbH presents a wide product line of petrol and diesel engines, that have proven to be high functional and efficient. These are the engines of a new age, that comply to all the requirements of cost-effectiveness, sustainability, quality and reliability. The engines are also suitable for both agricultural and industrial equipment.
Grünwelt Maschinen GmbH presents compact devices for various purposes in this section.
Grünwelt Maschinen GmbH presents two brands on the European market:

GRÜNWELT brand presents various equipment with compact petrol engines, that could be used both in the garden and on the field.

WEIMA is a leading manufacturer of such goods as petrol and diesel engines, tillers and cultivators, generators, water pumps, etc.
Grünwelt Maschinen GmbH cooperates with up-to-date factories equipped with the high-tech assembly lines and an efficient сheck-test base. More than 750 thousand production units are being manufactured and upgraded annually, in order to meet all the customers' needs in more than 70 different countries. The whole production line is high-technology and have the certificates for EU countries.
Video about our factory
Grünwelt Maschinen GmbH collaborates with various European companies, major and small trading networks and shops, moreover it deals with direct retail sales and it offers top-quality, technically advanced and eco-friendly machinery. If you find our offer interesting, please contact us via email or phone. We will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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